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DeeCo Detail and Design

With attention to detail and extensive knowledge of historic renovation and city requirements, DeeCo brings to the table both skilled craftsmanship and efficient project management. We handle all aspects of the project, from the bid and drawings to the final inspection of your renovation or new build come to life.  


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Your initial bid is free with no obligation to work with us, all bids are flexible and subject to change if materials or needs shift during the course of work.



Working with Dustin and his staff was awesome. They are flexible, responsive, and have excellent eyes for design. Seriously my kitchen is absolutely amazing and he did it really fast too.
His pricing is also very fair, and value wise I don’t see how anyone else in Fairmount even comes close to the customer service and bang for my buck I got from DeeCo.
Couldn’t be more happy with our sweet little home! DeeCo did a FULL renovation on the house and I can hardly believe it’s the same property. The attention to detail and dedication to preserving the historical details of our 1940’s cottage is impressive. They have been very easy to work with and go above and beyond.
Great work and will work with you on pricing and your needs. DEECO has been one of the best companies we have hired. Being in the design field and the construction industry for the past 10 years I would highly recommend the DeeCo crew!
Thank you for all the amazing and awesome work y’all did on my house! I absolutely love it! Y’all were amazing to work with and I would highly recommend DeeCo to anyone!


We only work with the best materials available, and will never compromise quality for time. We make it a point to give our clients realistic schedules that accommodate their lives, and in an industry riddled with vague estimating procedures - we provide accurate and detailed estimates and constant communication if any changes or needs for additional cost arise during our work. We strive for honest customer service, so a final payment is not requested until the work is completed to your satisfaction.


DeeCo Construction was started after the owner experienced multiple personal projects executed improperly by subpar contractors. Using his background at a national construction company he started working and created a crew that has since expanded and on top of its knowledge of new builds and additions, has mastered the process of renovating old and historically protected properties. Over the years DeeCo has built a personal relationship with local vendors to supply quality and cost-effective materials from your foundation all the way to your roof shingles. With its growth and the ability to draft plans in house, DeeCo can now offer you the full process "from concept to completion" on any project your home needs.